Elipson skivspelare - Alpha & Omega - Video

Elipson is proud to announce our turntables have been awarded by the leading specialists of HIFI :

"The Elipson Omega 100 RIAA BT is extensively specified and everything on it works supremely well."

It offers a stunning performance accross a wide variety of music combined with superb build quality. The result is the best all-round affordable turntable on the market.

"As a first attempt at producing a turntable, this is a deeply impressive effort"

The Omega 100 manages to look, feel and – to a largely beneficial extent – sound subtly different to its rivals at this price point. As a piece of design, it manages to echo the lovely finish and striking lines of the company’s other products without compromising on its ability to function as a very capable turntable indeed. Elipson has entered the market with a record player that looks set to hold its own in a competitive market and it offers a very tempting all-round package at a very attractive asking price.

"Omega 100 is seriously accomplished."

It manages to look, feel and, on occasions, sound a little different from its rivals while being slick and easy to use. It is a breeze to setup and operate and manages to make using vinyl as a day to day format very rewarding. Like many Elipson products, as a design and technical exercise, the Omega 100 is genuinely impressive but in keeping with the rest of its family, it is also deeply satisfying to use day-to-day as well

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